Stony Brook University

I have worked at Stony Brook University for over 10 years now. I am currently the Administrator for the Off Campus Program in Educational Computing, and adjunct lecturer and co-writer of The Master of Science - Educational Technology Specialist.* 

As the administrator for the Off Campus Program in Educational Computing I am responsible for coordinating the program, hiring and training new adjunct faculty, mapping the curriculum, as well as marketing and hosting open house sessions promoting the program.

I have also taught over 80 graduate courses over the past 10 years including fully online, on campus, off campus and hybrid courses. I have taught almost every course listed within the Educational Technology program at Stony Brook university.

Because of my experience teaching and as an administrator I was able to co-write with Don Heberer the Master of Science: Educational Technology Specialist. With Don, I rewrote 8 Graduate courses within the Department of Technology and Society and wrote twelve new courses - all of which make use of Google tools Google Apps.  We also aligned the curriculum to the ISTE(NETS) Teacher and Coaching Standards as well as the Educational Technology Specialist Test Framework.  You can view the 103 page alignment document here (pdf). Within the masters we created a Google Apps for Education Certification track including two new 'Google' graduate courses.

You can view the Master of Science:Educational Technology Specialist below. *in final stages of approval